mandag 21. april 2008

The opera!

The opera house is designed by the renowned Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta and has taken five years to build :o
Yeah, and it is now a official attraction.

Tåran, Alex and me was on the roof for hours..
And when we started to walk up on the roof we agreed that it felt like we where in another country or something.. it felt like we where on a holiday..!
Had such a loveli day.. *SMILE*
This huge and massive buliding is in Oslo. Holy cow :o

It was beautiful and kind of creepy at the same time!!

And..we could see one of the cruise ship go out on the sea..
and then it stopped.. and we commented it, but didnt care much..
we sat and enjoyed the view of the ship! but what we didnt know was that the ship had stopped because they had found a freakin dead body in the sea!!
check out the link -->

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