torsdag 13. november 2008

Night of the treeple

im at the school right now, watching alex pardees new burlesque art. mhhhmmm. i love it. love it. 110 % . it freaks me out. yesss. and im talking with my best friend on msn, magnus skulbru. ( check out his blog - ) he says he's missing me, miss to hump my leg so hard i wont be able to walk the next day. oh, i sure miss him, crazy shitkid. but still, im kind of dissapointed in him, cause its nordic fest in oslo this weekend, get down her skulbru! benea reach is playing today. ah, this blogggging appeared to be almost ONLY about magnus, hahah. yessirybobski.

all the people who are free this weekend, get your ass down to sub scene. its awsome.

2 kommentarer:

Microscope sa...

Nåååw, You are the sweetest best friend in the hole wide world !

Maiken sa...

k9z <3